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10-30-2013, 12:25 PM
Master Lok
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Real Problem?

1) I didn't believe our problem last year was solely the Oilers bottom six forwards. It became an argument the idiotic media bandwagon jumped on. But it makes no logical sense that forwards who were playing 6-10 minutes a game was causing the Oilers to lose more than the top six players playing 10-20 minutes a game was effecting the game.

Its not the bottom six. Its the top nine. Always has been. The Oilers don't have enough players who can play against oppositions top lines. Can Taylor Hall score points? Yes of course. Can Jordan Eberle score points? Of course. Can the outscore the opposition's best players? Can they play against Thornton-Marleau or Sedin-Sedin or Ovechkin-Backstrom and outscore them?

No they can't.

Should we trade them then?

Of course not. In time, I have faith that they will develop and will become strong two way players: RNH and Hall in particular. But that day is not today.

2) The same thing for the Oilers defense. The Oilers are overplaying Justin Schultz, Jeff Petry, and to a lesser extent - Anton Belov. These guys are still pretty new to the quality at the NHL level. MacT had the right idea in picking up Ference as a solid veteran defender. The Oilers need to protect Justin Schultz give him less EV minutes, against weaker opposition.

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