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Originally Posted by Neatman View Post
You cant be serious. Every single player looks to have regressed from last year, and you cant see that the problem may be the guy running the game plan for the team?

Another poster summarized much better in the Eakins thread, but frankly, he has been given a better roster than Krueger had, and has managed to completely ruin the team.

Eakins is hopeless right now, and while he may adapt to become a better NHL coach, the Oilers are looking at 1-2 bottom finishes just for him to figure it out.

Cant line match, cant run special teams, cant utilize players appropriately, cant adapt. CAN NOT COACH.
The defense is worse then last year with better players, we have the players for a legit top six yet they can't score, we should have a terrifying powerplay but we don't. Our goalies weaknesses are being exposed.

Last year our style of defense covered Dubnyks bad spots, we were out shot every game sure, but we were better at making those shots more on the outside and not guaranteed goals.

We need to stick people who work together, together.

Perron - RNH - Eberle
This line is skilled, RNH is turning into a great two way center, Perron gets in the dirty areas and him and Eberle seem to mesh.

Hall - Gagner - Hemsky/Yakupov
Hall has worked very well with both wingers and Gagner can set them up, this line would not take the top line minutes but would be set up for the big scoring opportunities. We need to trade one of Hemsky or Yakupov or put Yak in the ahl till he gets his groove back.

Joensuu - Arcobello - Pitlick
This line can be a checking line, take up the hard defending duties and grind in a few goals.

Gazdic - Arcobello - Eager
All three can skate, all three can finish checks, Gordon is great at holding on to the puck, Gazdic can mow people down and fight well, and Eager has some scoring ability. Putting Gordon this line gives them the ability to take bigger minutes and potentially put some points up.

????? - Petry
Petry has the tools to be a number two defender but needs that number one to work well with. Maybe nurse will become that.

Smid - Belov
Smid is heart and soul and Belov is starting to slowly show his mean side and has a killer shot from the point.

Ferrence - J Schultz
Justin right now isn't defensively sound enough to be any higher but would get big minutes on the powerplay. Ferrence has always had to work hard to play well so maybe that will rub off on Shultz


We need a legit starter and I believe a backup position needs to be fought between these two.

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