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Originally Posted by Bloodhound View Post
Lot of questons about our offense. Will OJ return to his level? Will Barkov be just too good to sit in the bench/eat popcorns? Will Ruutu and Bergenheim be helthy at the time? Can Leino return to the level he was in Philly? Can Saku play wing? Filppula is our best center right now will Erkka still play him at wing? We will see.
OJ's time is running out. He's currently being outplayed by at least Lehterä and Barkov. Only the most nostalgic of us would enter him in the current projections. Remains to be seen if Erkka is one of them. The thing is, we have too many quality centres to pick from. Not all of them will make it. And trying to stick them at unnatural positions and roles is no solution.

What week do you live in? Ruutu and Bergenheim are healthy right now. Of course, they can get injured again, but so can everyone else.

Leino's been trying to return to his Springtime Philly form for two full seasons now. At this moment, most of us who are not infatuated with the letters "NHL" have all but written him off.

Saku shouldn't play wing. Period.

If Erkka thinks he can find a good enough winger to fill in Filppula's projected slot, then he enters the centre contention. But it looks more likely that he'll play wing, because he's one of our highest quality players for whom it's not an odd position. While some may say it's not a good tradeoff, having our perhaps best centre ATM at wing, but even lousier tradeoff is to make him play centre, pop out another quality centre because of that and replace him with a subpar winger.

Originally Posted by Bloodhound View Post
With defense I would go like this:

Määttä – Salo
Timonen – Ristolainen
Mäntylä – Vatanen


PP1: Timonen- Salo
PP2:Mäntylä – Vatanen

Erkka might see it like this:

Timonen – Salo
Väänänen – Vatanen
Kukkonen – Ristolainen/Määttä

Mäntylä-Vatanen needs more size.

Also, let's try not to stick every d-man with alleged NHL status in there. Määttä is playing superb, and Erkka is already having trouble working him in. An in-and-out Ristolainen is hardly in the current projection. Timonen, Salo, Vatanen, Määttä, Lepistö, Kukkonen, Väänänen and some random pick for slot #8 is realism... if we're lucky.

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