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10-30-2013, 01:50 PM
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1 - Players before their prime

A lot of Edmonton's talent is in players who haven't yet peaked. As a reason it's starting to wear out its welcome as for instance Taylor Hall enters his 4th season, but it's still a valid point. Edmonton's prime window for winning hasn't yet been reached

2 - Too much change

In team sports, players rely on each other. They are constantly faced with decisions that involve predictions of what their team mates are going to do. What would be a great decision can become a terrible one if a teammate does something unexpected, and a lack of confidence in that prediction leads to hesitation or self-reliant playstyles which can be just as bad. This applies to all players, but is especially true with goalies. With so many injuries, roster changes and new coaches over the last few years, the team needs some time to settle in and find a rhythm and develop that comfort level with a system and with each other.

3 - No top pairing D

With a solid system and teamwork Edmonton might be able to overcome this weakness, but so far they have not had that. Edmonton could really use a clear #1 dman that can play in all situations and eat up 25+ minutes of ice time.

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