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Originally Posted by sharkie551 View Post
Are deeper leagues more fun in other sports than they are for Football, and what is the reason for that? Are there just a lack of players in football than there are in Baseball or Hockey? I know you don't play with Defense or the Offensive line, so that's pretty much more than half the team. I've just heard a lot about how it's more challenging to be in deep leagues, yet when the Waiver wire is worth waiving, as it were, how much fun is that?
This is the first league I have been in that is this deep and has this many bench spots. Typically a 14 team league would not allow you to have 7 bench spots. That's where I think the waiver wire issues are coming into play.

So many people can hoard players on their bench, that there really isn't anyone available on waivers.

I have actually played in a league that allowed you to use defensive players. Players earned points for tackles, sacks, interceptions, blocked passes, hurries, etc. It was actually a really interesting league. I think leagues have gone away from that method because it's just not as easy for your every day fantasy football GM to manage.

Hockey, IMO, is the best fantasy sport for deep leagues and deep benches. You can always find someone to contribute to some stat on any given night. Lots of fun.

Baseball is another sport where deep leagues are fun. We only had 12 this year, but I loved our HF Fantasy Baseball season this year, and not just because I won You could always find someone to pick up that could be helpful that day or week.

I agree that deep fantasy basketball leagues suck. That's mainly because of the talent disparity in basketball in general. There are a few excellent players, then a few good, and a lot of mediocre.

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