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10-30-2013, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Yakupov is going to be a big guy, already plays a physical game and is going to be a bull that can get in scoring areas either through finess or dogging his way there. In addition he's one of the few players on this club that can score from range and with a shot that can actually beat goalies and during tenure here is already among the lead scorers while giving up several years in age and experience. just wait'll the kid finds his groove at this level.

More and more Eberle is looking like a one gear player that maybe impresses with persistence but is increasingly ineffectual, even showing glaring problems not seeing open ice and passing puck, and needs to get close range to score.

This is a small player, not strong either, with zero physical play. Great mitts in close but my concern being he largely only gets into his scoring areas through opponent breakdowns and given a lack of patience working over D's the breakdowns are becoming infrequent, and scoring chances (real scoring chances) less regular. 19 goals in last 62 GP and general decrease in goals scored is starting to be a real pattern. As I've stated this is starting to look like a sub 30 goal scorer. Not above 30 as Eberle fans tend to assume.

NHL correction and line matching with Eberle has occurred and with the plan being keep him to the outside, play him physical, knock him off puck, just don't let him get by you. Eberle is still going to get his magic moments where he makes an excellent fake and beats a player one on one but in the D pairings he's seeing its bleaker.

People have to remember that the 11-12 year was his time to shine before opponents really had him figured out. They would give him time and space they didn't figure was dangerous. Now its been observed not to let him near net. This player is getting shutdown increasingly.
Here's something I can agree with you on. Well put.

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