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10-30-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Everest View Post
Checkers aren't born that way. They're players who are asked to do a job, they make a commitment to doing that job and they figure out how to do it.

Some of the best checkers in the league were drafted as scorers. In fact, we've seen a few come through EDM over the years and we can look over the league and find all different shapes & sizes of checking players.

There is no good reason why we can't get 2 fricking wingers in a network of however many we have between the big clubs roster & the AHL roster to do this job.

And its almost a moot point because I insist...having a checking line is just one small part of being a decent all around defensive team (which we are a far cry from at this point).

Several top line fwds & D-Men on this team have a TERRIBLE approach to the game which blatantly places far more focus, energy and pride onto the goal scoring aspect than the defensive side of the game.

Run & gun is a nice way of describing a STUPID & FUTILE way to play this game. Lars Eller put it into perspective last week and while it might have inspired the fellas' to win ONE clearly hasn't caused them to collectively review the way they want to play the game.

Until they ALL get off this wild runaway, ego driven attempt to score high light real goals every time they get NEAR the puck...the same problems are going to continue costing in the win column.
Fair enough points. Checkers aren't born that way but at the same time you can't turn just anyone into a checker over night. Some around here think you can plunk anyone beside Gordon and that's a checking line. Have another look at the oilers depth chart there aren't an awful lot of options when it comes to putting together a legit checking line. Gordon is obviously the center but after that the options on the wing aren't very promising. I suppose you can blame many different levels of the organization for that predicament. As you stated it's probably a moot point if you have the rest of the team running around playing run and gun like its the '80s all over again. Where do you start

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