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Originally Posted by Devil Dancer View Post
(last night) I had an assist in the lowest division I play in, bringing me to 1g, 2a in 4gp. This is the same division I was almost 2ppg and 1 g/g in two seasons ago. I'm missing passes and shots like crazy. What's going on? It's not my linemates, since they're scoring like crazy and the team is 5-0. It's a hell of a lot of fun winning all the time, but I'm disappointed with my performance.

Meanwhile, I'm killing it in the highest division I'm playing in (1.5ppg) and I'm doing pretty well in the middle division. So I don't know what to think about my performance on that team.

It is the first year I'm playing with those guys, so maybe I just need to learn their players' tendencies a little better... No, it's me. I'm just sucking for that team right now. If we were losing I'd feel pretty bad, since one of their players vouched for me to get me on the team, and I told the captain I'm a pretty good player at that level.
It happens. Sometimes I score at under a PPG pace, sometimes I score at 2 PPG. Sometimes I do better in my division 4 steps higher than the lower one I play in (though it's easier when I have fast/capable line mates to play with rather than the low-end guys who can't do much at a fast pace). Over summer league, for some reason I also had a huge problem with flubbing passes from behind while in motion. No clue what it was all about, but once it started bugging me it just got worse. Finally it went away but I had to stop letting it get to me. At one time I'd see a pass coming and start worrying that I'd lose it; that's no good!

It comes and goes, man, don't let it bring you down too much or you may have more problems caused by mental stress. Whenever I have a rough bout of goal-scoring, I try to put my focus moreso into my defensive game and shut down the other team's top guys, play more physical, lay into some people, etc. I'll never have a problem doing that w/my size, so once I feel better mentally in that respect the rest comes back eventually. Point being, perhaps it'll help to focus on something else than racking up points and let your confidence build in other ways - then let it all come back as it may.

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