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10-30-2013, 03:36 PM
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I am tired of standing up for the Oilers, really tired. That said, i should not have bought into the propaganda starting with Oil-change.
"they're going to be a contender in a couple years, you watch"
"we got Hall, wait and see, we are the next Blackhawks or Penguins"
"Dubnyk is a good goalie, look at his stats on one of the worst teams"

-Wont be a contender
-not the blackhawks or Penguins
-Dubnyk blows

What bugs me the most? all the nay-sayers were and are right. Oilers suck. Horcoff,Tambelini,Souray,Quinn,Kruger,Whitney etc etc etc must be loving it right now.


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