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Originally Posted by htpwn View Post
Absolutely. I suspect that this proposal comes from more of the same characters.

Those who rally against fighting and physicality in the game, who build soft, skilled teams and then complain when they get bulldozed by teams like Boston.

Ultimately, if you actually watch these teams built around a tough mentality, they aren't dirty. They play hard, they fight, but they don't rack up a lot of suspensions. When they do get called 'dirty,' it is often because the other team tried to goon it up or be pests, and then got their ass kicked for it.

No GM sets out to build a 'dirty' team. A physical team, yes. But not dirty. Dirty Players like Kaleta or Cooke are also not going to rack up three suspensions alone in the year, so it won't do much to discourage teams from signing them.


Coaches do, and often have, sent out players simply to start trouble.

You saw that in the preseason with Ron Rolton and the Sabres sending out John Scott to fight anybody, who happened to be Phil Kessel. In a preseason game that was all but over. The league in that case fined Rolston and were right in doing so.

You saw John Scott's headshot on Eriksson. Does that happen if Rolston actually uses Scott properly? If you want to dress goons, then they have to play a regular shift. That means 8-9 minutes a night, not 4 or 5. Because otherwise, as Don Cherry said in this past Coaches Corner, they come off the bench saying "I need to something, anything, to make an impact" and there's the result.

Two examples where poor coaching led to two very dirty plays.
Well goons are a different matter. Yes, there's no skill set - only impact. But the actual head shot, knee, hit from behind or any other dirty player is usually a situation that the goon himself often has little control of, let alone the coach. The coach just wanted energy, perhaps a good shift with good possession. Something to tilt the ice.

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