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10-30-2013, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
Everyone knows the kids have to sink or swim on their own eventually. But using role players effectively and correctly is part of that plan, I would think. And, as the results from last night show, it is obvious the wrong plan was in place. The scary thing is, I'm not sure Eakins is convinced he may have erred, based on his post game comments.

Both Eakins and MacT seem totally clueless to decisions actually affecting the outcomes.

From a motivation standpoint Eakins befriended the veterans, naming Ference captain and playing Smyth and Hemsky on the 1st line while he ran the kids ragged, playing Nuge 28 minutes in his first game and playing the kids against the best players in the league. Krueger had actually done a good job motivating the kids and getting a calder/all-star performance out of the young core. So hanging your coaching hat on some hard lessons to overcome a culture of failure, while regressing, is at best a mistake. If the pattern continues it may ultimately mean we will have to pay more for any FA help and for contract extensions. Our cap room will run out very quickly and at this rate we will have earned nothing but bad publicity for next season.

Eakins needs to win and use whatever tactics are available to do so. He does not need to continue to preach to deaf ears about a failing system while blaming struggles on some twenty-somethings who already went through one culture change when they first got here.

Trade them or make smarter tactical choices but most of all own up to bad decision making--which is the one thing that extends from Lowe all the way down to Eakins. You can't preach accountability when your President is Kevin Lowe and has the legacy of Lowe/MacT, Lowe/Quinn/Renney, Lowe/Tambellini/Renney, Lowe/Tembellini/Krueger, Lowe/MacTavish/Eakins.

Ending on a low note this year would be devastating and pulling out of this requires more leadership from the management and coaching staff than it does from the players, in my not so humble opinion.

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