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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
I'm not really sure how this can be implemented, setting aside even the obvious objections that might arise from the NHLPA.

There are instances when teams have been fined for the on-ice actions of players (and indirectly, coaches). Two that come to mind are:

1) Iginla and the Flames being fined for unsportsmanlike conduct in the waning minutes of a playoff game against Detroit
2) The Isles-Pens fight festival
Another addition to the list, Bertuzzi / Moore incident which is about as bad as it gets for on-ice "egregious" action:



AP - Updated: March 12, 2004, 11:24 AM ET

TORONTO -- Todd Bertuzzi is done for the season, suspended Thursday by an NHL intent on sending the message that it won't tolerate premeditated attacks on the ice.

The Vancouver Canucks' All-Star forward will lose at least $500,000 in salary and could miss more time next season for the vicious punch that sent Colorado's Steve Moore to the hospital with a broken neck, concussion and other injuries.

The Canucks were fined $250,000 for the attack, which is being investigated by police.

"This is not a part of our game, it has no place in our game, and it will not be tolerated in our game," NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said.
So for the most serious incidents, the NHL has stepped in and fined an organization for the actions of their player.

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