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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
Fold or junior: Arizona.

Arizona has been announcing less than 3,000 per game for the last 4 years and makes no sense from an ECHL or SPHL geographical perspective. The air travel required in the ECHL wouldn't be viable for the Sundogs. Perhaps juniors could work, but I suspect geography is a killer for that as well.
Geographically, Arizona is almost a perfect fit for the ECHL's Western Conference. Las Vegas is about four hours away, Ontario five and Bakersfield about six or seven. That's three road trips that would be easily made via bus. Even Utah/Stockton would only be about ten hours (manageable). That's over half the current conference.

It's everything else about the Sun Dogs that make them a bad fit for the ECHL. Geography is probably the one thing they have going for them.

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