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Originally Posted by freedomisamyth View Post
3) Special teams. Lots of fans seem to be blaming this on Eakins, but I think that is sorely misguided. I think it goes back to #2 again when it comes to the PK - not enough good penalty killers. Gordon is literally the only one the Oilers have had this year. Acton could be, but he's a rookie, and has moments where he has struggled. Hall and Hemsky were disasterous, but I don't blame Eakins for trying: who else did he have? RNH/Eberle/Perron are all okay and getting better, but are average at best at it at this point. People blame Eakins, but the entire personnel on the PK has been different. No horcoff, no petrell, no belanger, no gagner (the one kid who is actually pretty good at it). Those were the top PK'ers last year, and other than Boyd, they are better than anyone on this years team.
Sorry, the change in personnel is on Eakins, he's the guy that wants to play the skill players on the PK. Ya, we don't have Horcoff or Belanger, but we've replaced them with Gordon and Acton. Gordon is a very similar player to Horcoff, if not better, and Acton, well, that's Eakins' guy. If he's not as good as Belanger, whose fault is it other than Eakins.

On the wing, the go to guys last two years were Jones, Smyth, and Petrell. Jones and Smyth are still on the team but are not used on the PK this year, Petrell is easily replacable.

Even if you somehow convince me that Belanger and Petrell are world beaters that can't be replaced, if it's a personnel problem as you say it is, then he is only compounding that problem by not playing the wingers that had success the previous years.

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