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10-30-2013, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post
I'm sure my opinion means squat around here, but I honestly think the Oilers could be fixed pretty much overnight with a trade like that. Eberle is the guy I would move. But not just any depth trade, you have to do extended scouting and number crunching and make sure you're targeting the right guys. Dubinsky and Anisimov are both highly versatile (can play wing or center), both are stud defensive players and both dominant possession players. They're both very young too. They were great young players who had worn out their welcome in different ways (Dubinsky, a contractual issue, Anisimov being relegated to the 4th line on some nights) but were no less players because of it, but were highly undervalued by their team.

There are a lot of players like that around the league. Don't look for a big name, look for an effective player in a bad situation.

Example: Eberle and a cap dump to New Jersey for Mark Fayne, Travis Zajac, and Adam Henrique.

At first glance this is horrendous for Edmonton, and you probably hate it. But, I believe that it would make the Oilers a better team. Zajac's name is crap because of that contract, but he's big, a phenomenal defensive player, and is a big part of why the Devils run. Henrique is a great young two-way center who is a PK ace as well as a strong offensive player. And Fayne is the Devils' best defenseman, who is somehow constantly benched.


Ference-J. Schultz

Looks like a playoff team to me. It'll look better when you can insert Nurse and/or Klefbom in next season. I'm a believer in Dubnyk. The pieces are there, you just have to identify whose name carries more weight than their actual play and sell those guys and buy the ones whose name is worth less than their actual play.
I agree completely. It would suck to trade Eberle, but at this stage the oilers need to look at moving some quality for quantity. As weird as that sounds.

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