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10-30-2013, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
Not the first time that I hear that from people. I had heard it from ex-players close to the NHL too and close to the Hockey Canada bunch. They don't like his high-risk kind of play.
If they don't then why is Letang there?
Again, makes no sense. It's also one thing to say he's a liability, it's another to say a 37yo concussed player (who's not even playing at the moment!!!) is ahead of him.

How can anybody say ''I'll pick the old injured guy over the Norris winner!''??? .

It's BS buddy. PK will make the team unless his play worsens big time.

Also, as for the high risk plays, those players are usually even better on bigger ice surface.
They had no problem picking a 20 yo high risk Drew Doughty btw.

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