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10-30-2013, 11:26 PM
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What in the hell is going on? I just pulled another 4 star hockey player. Another dman, obviously. That's 3 in two pulls. I had one in what, seven or eight seasons before this? Maybe only two or three in the last 10. Of course he's only four stars, so he might have 70Q for his defense. Which isn't actually a 4 star player in my book, but whatever.

EDIT: 4 star Dman, my ass. Unscouted, but really? 99D 58/90/68 is not a 4 star player. Hell, it's not even a 3.5 star player. I swear there is something wrong with my hockey academy. I think the last 4-5 players that I pulled rated 4 stars plus have all been majorly flawed. Because if these are 4 & 4.5 star players, then everyone that I bought for my rebuild must have been five star pulls.

Originally Posted by tescosamoa View Post
Full Back (20/401/16/14/21/40/50/190/20 )

33K a day I was looking at 18 UFA's and some how I picked this guy I was seeing additional 1's infront of passing , tech and heading... Paid 461K

So dump him now for 5M or wait the 51 days and put him on the market.... That way this mistake costs me 2M Which at my level is a chunk of change.

Hockey I finished 1 place higher and with 9 more points than last year.

I at least got the one I wanted....
Ouch. I did that with someone I bought... I think it might have been the young forward Korbetsky. It wasn't as bad as your mistake (he was only 15 and is now a good backup), but I was gutted when I realized the mistake I had made at the time. I spent more than I wanted to because I thought he had 100 OR more than he really had(298 vs 398)

And I'm glad I didn't cost you another position in hockey. I've been so blase about my hockey team that not only did I not realize that this was the final game of the season, but I didn't even know I was locked into 7th. I was still hoping I could somehow fall to 8th so I would have a shot against the darn near manager-less Wiggly Pigs.

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