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10-31-2013, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
Not sure why this would be surprising. The promises Mact made when he was hired came from his usual arrogance, with a healthy dose of ignorance of what it takes to get things done in the NHL.
I'm seeing a lot of this word on the board lately. Katz is arrogant. Lowe is arrogant. MacT is arrogant. Eakins is arrogant. And here's me thinking all along that pro athletes and multi millionaires were among the most humble folks on the planet. Are we really down to ragging on people because we perceive them to be arrogant?

Regarding the op ... the most disappointing thing about the article you link is the fact that MacT seems to have inherited Tamby's terrible habit of asking himself stupid questions during interviews when simple declarative sentences would suffice. Sounds so moronic and looks even worse in print.

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