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Originally Posted by Erikfromfin View Post
Neither of them have to beat the lefties. If they are on same level just take the right one guy. simple as that. Canada was just an example and theyre coach Mike Babcock stated how crucial its to have natural correct side hands in todays game in TSN interview this is something people other than myself dont seem to understand here.

Mike Babcock can pick from tons and tons of quality D-men, and he can tweak his squad out to his heart's content all the way down to the length of a player's pinky if he so desires.

Erkka Westerlund has the crop of 4-5 top shelf guys, who will make the team without injuries. After that, he will simply have to resort to comparing the rest and pick out the best. And if a player who happens to play with the "wrong" hook performs better than guys vying for the same role, he will sure as hell get picked.

I'll try and spell it out with as simple analogy as I can. Let's first take Zdeno Chara, who is the epitome of a defensive d-man these days. He plays with left hook. Now, let's presume that Slovakia found a way to clone him, and decided to hand out four copies to each participating country, simply out of random friendliness.

Now, if Finland had four Zdeno Charas in addition to their current crop, how many of them would make the team? All four. And how many Jere Karalahtis or Juuso Hietanens would make it in that situation? Zero of each.

But Canada... they could easily drop two of them to make room for, say, Shea Weber and Kris Letang.

Now, of course we don't have four Zdeno Charas, but if we have Ossi Väänänen, Lasse Kukkonen, Sami Lepistö and yet another left-hooked pick who play better defense than Karalahti, Karalahti won't make the team. It's as simple as that.

But if you still insist on carrying this line, I repeat my old challenge. Let's wait 'til the squad is picked, and see if every pair in Erkka's lineup comes with a matching hook. If you're right, feed me my line. If I'm right, I make sure to remind you of it from here to kingdom come.

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