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Originally Posted by Erikfromfin View Post
Mike Babcock can tweak his squad out of his heart and so can Erkka. I agree there are about 4 premier players that have locks in D and then rest are quite similiar mass with different atributes sizes and hands and i cannot ignore the fact that its better go with correct hands.
If our top-four d-man slots are dealt out, the most important aspect for the rest is how effectively they can play the two-way game and how sound they are in the own end.

Now, while Juuso Hietanen has bigger offensive upside than Ossi Väänänen for example, Väänänen is still miles ahead in defense and makes it in due to that. Their handednesses are irrelevant. Similar comparisons can be made between Lepistö and Karalahti, Kukkonen and Hietanen, Kukkonen and Karalahti and so forth. Only in a situation where they're truly indistinguishable in the role intended, can Erkka start thinking things like handednesses.

I want to see Karalahti play good and raise his stock at the Karjala Tournament. I want every guy picked there to do so, no matter whether they're d-men, goalies or forwards. But if Karalahti turns out to be old, slow and constantly late with his duties, his hook won't punch him a ticket no matter how much he waves it in front of Erkka's face. Neither won't it help Hietanen, if his natural slots are already full.

Originally Posted by Erikfromfin View Post
As far as my personal oppinions go against consensus i only want to see Jussi Jokinen play alongside Mikko and Valtteri and to have atleast 3 right hand shot D men in the squad. Rest of my oppinions are basicly same with everyone here.
And you can prepare for a disappointment on both counts.

It's one thing to have an opinion on a thing there is no technical consensus about, like who should be the 2C or are Ristolainen and Määttä ready. I may not agree with everybody on those counts, but I know my opinion is no worse than the next man's.

But these wishes of yours... they're not something there're wildly dissecting opinions about. And even if there are, most people keep 'em to themselves, because they know the default will happen regardless.

You're of course entitled to your opinions, but there's still a difference between arguing against another man's opinion and a law of nature. Realism needs to be taken into account, it's the thin red line between sensible and non-sensible discussion. If somebody gets hawked on, it's actually rarely because of the content of the post, but more the way it's presented. You're calling this hook thing your opinion, but you started it by presenting it as if it was the norm, while it's actually the opposite.

I can't tell you to change the way you present things any more you can tell me to change mine. But if you really recognize that you're swimming against the stream here, and wish to avoid conflicts, it is recommendable to make it known. It's what I try to do whenever I know I'll be stating something that may not be taken well. I'll make it clear it's simply "my opinion", or a "wild thought" or something like that. I don't dress my statement as if it were actually to happen.

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