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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Coded language is nothing new in sports. It's easy to be skeptical, but when you hear the same exact complaints every time about black QBs, Afro-Caribbean baseball players, black hockey players, and even basketball players, there's reason to be skeptical. It's always that they are athletically gifted and flashy while criticizing their discipline and mental approach to the game, and accusing them of not working as hard as their peers.

I don't think it's the only thing going against Subban - he plays for a Habs team that the media can be irrationally against (both the Toronto-centric Canadian media and the anti-Canadian America media), not to mention a Habs team that's easy to pick on for being unexceptional for the past decade. Subban also doesn't conform in other ways to the humble, Canadian farmboy ideal that Canadian hockey is still obsessed with. And some of it is Subban's own fault, since he does make high profile blunders.

But when you hear Subban be marginalized for the same weaknesses that guys like Letang have, while offering even more upside, there's reasons to be skeptical. What exactly is it that Letang offers that Subban does not?
Well said...

Subban is the only Team Canada hopeful who has an active campaign AGAINST him being part of Team Canada.

I find it ridiculous how this guy is CONSTANTLY targeted in the media, even his own team don't respect him.

Yet we NEVER hear Subban say anything disparaging about anyone, even when he's attacked personally by a guy like Mike Richards, he always takes the high road.

Subban's only problem is that he's supremely gifted, he's one, if not the top player at his a sport that is not yet ready to accept a superstar who doesn't fit the typical mold of what a hockey player is.

At this point, I don't even want PK Subban on Team Canada...I don't think they deserve him if that's the attitude they're taking. They're making every excuse in the world to not have him in Sochi.

I've realized that it doesn't matter what PK Subban does, whether he wins a Norris, leads the lead in points for defensman, plays stellar defense, is an exceptional teamate...etc....a large group of people in hockey (which includes fans, media, members of the hockey fraternity -players, coaches, executives) just aren't comfortable with a black superstar.

Please spare me the diatribe that it's not about race when it's at the very core of this campaign against PK Subban...and as a minority, i'm sick & tired of having to ignore the elephant in the room because people can't deal with the truth.


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