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10-31-2013, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Gary320 View Post
Honestly. I try to keep my self away from saying that it's because of the color of his skin. But when the Norris Trophy winner is a 'LONG SHOT' from making Team Canada... it's either because Boyle has friends in high places... or because of the aforementioned race.
Agreed...I hate as a minority 'playing the race card' but really, how can anyone plausibly deny this?

I know some of you will just think i'm pulling out the race card and really, I don't care...I find the way Subban is viewed completely offensive as a minority and i'm sick of reading/hearing people cower away from the real reasons as to why he's CONSTANTLY criticized.

I give massive amounts of respect to Subban because he never, ever, responds to this...he could easily say something and I wouldn't blame him in the least, but he always takes the high road.

Years from now, when the dinosaurs in hockey will have moved on and the rest of the NHL will have caught up with the rest of society progressiveness...he'll be looked upon as a pioneer.

Sorry for the rant...but i'm pissed this morning

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