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Originally Posted by Loffer View Post
1) No KHL vets aside one two exceptions: Lehterä probably.
2) Barkov should make the team; and MiG should be a lock.
3) Määttä and Vatanen should be locks.
4) Jussi Jokinen should play 1st line.
5) Yes: 95 % of the team should be NHLers.
6) Just take the best ones by stats and chemistry.
7) Keep it simple and stupid.
Let's make #4 "top-six" and I'm sure we can all agree. Because otherwise, #4 and #6 contradict each other.

And #5 can't come to fruition no way, no how. First of all, we have only 18 NHL skaters, out of which only 5 are d-men. And even if you take all of our NHLers and stick them in there whichever way you can (which contradicts #6 too, that's no way to build the best team), you still need a minimum of 4 non-NHL players. So there can only be a 84% NHL ratio at best. Can't go higher no matter what. A realistic count is somewhere around 75%, but it can go even lower. Though I suppose it's still true... yes, it should be 95% NHLers. We just can't achieve that.

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