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Originally Posted by Avsrule2002 View Post
Yes, but if you take out Allen and Denver (who was the sole AA affiliate of Colorado) there were only 22 transactions involving 13 players for the other 8 teams. Most of the Allen and Denver players were AHL guys for the most part anyway.
Let's try this...

I'm not arguing the ECHL does not possess better overall AA talent. I've taken plenty of flack from my fellow CHL fans for suggesting that the ECHL is, in fact, noticeably better in that regard. The evidence that ECHL players tend to have more mobility towards the AHL is undeniable. There's no argument on that front.

Where I do stop short, though, is labeling the CHL as a single-A league. It is not. If it were, Denver and Allen wouldn't be a holding pen for all those AHL guys. No organization is going to drop that many AAA-level players down to a single-A league for an extensive period of time. It would hamper their ability to develop as players.

So, once again, the ECHL is clearly superior in terms of aggregate talent. However, the CHL is not the SPHL in terms of player talent. Can we agree on that much?

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