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10-31-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
This is what annoys me about this organization and some of the fan base. It does a horrible job of overrating and underrating their own players. They want complementary players like Carle and Coburn to be Suter and Weber. They want Richards and Carter to be Crosby and Malkin and so on. They have to learn to surround these very good players with more prominant ones.

This is the same with JVR and now L Schenn....JVR was not going to be Kane and L Schenn is not going to be a number 1 D man. I'm not even going to get into B Schenn and Couturier....apparently they should also be Crosby and Malkin.

At some point which seems to be getting closer ..we'll be so sucky that maybe we'll be able to actually get a star in the draft at least. We got screwed with Kane of course and sort of lucky with G. If we do it through a trade and Holmgren is still around I fear what will be given complementary players that act like glue on a team.
I disagree. No one expects Coburn to be a #1 dman. But, we expect him to play to a decent enough level. I didn't see all of the ANA game, but from what I did see, Coburn was playing a lot better. However, he's been way underperforming throughout last year and the start of this year. This is a guy who we know has all the tools needed, but doesn't engage his brain. He's a very frustrating player.

I would argue that the fanbase, certainly on HF, has been supportive of Couturier. We bemoaned Lavy for his treatment of him, and IMO most people have been happy with the improvement since Berube stepped up his role in the team.

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