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Thanks for the summary Irish.

Originally Posted by IrishInOntario View Post
Just got back from the game...

- Weegar's injury really hurt Halifax. It's a sprain (saw him after the game) and he was on crutches. They'll get a better look at it tomorrow when the swelling goes down. He hurt it in a fight with Sheppard. He laid a big hit earlier in the game and Sheppard went after him. Groulx put Sheppard on the ice every single shift until Weegar dropped the gloves. They went down awkwardly, with Sheppard on top. Weegar's leg got twisted underneath him.
Missing Lewis, Falkenham and now Weegar is going to hurt us quite a bit.

Originally Posted by IrishInOntario View Post
- The team sorely lacks a shot on the power play. Drouin looks completely uninspired to play and even when he's working hard, he does not belong on the point on the PP. He simply does not have the shot to play that role. A far cry from last year when Konrad and Frk were unloading bombs from up high. Drouin belongs on the side wall, where he can be creative cross-crease.
Yeah he looks out of place on the point. As I mentioned, too much cycling, not enough shooting.

Originally Posted by IrishInOntario View Post
- Ehlers can really skate, he's fun to watch. Works on to backcheck too and despite not being the biggest guy, he's not afraid to go into the greasy areas of the rink. He's going to be a nice player, just needs to continue to work on his shot.
Told ya... "D

Originally Posted by IrishInOntario View Post
- Ashley gets to frustrated out there and takes some bad penalties. Really important player for Halifax, doing himself and his team absolutely no favours hooking people and being a pest around the net.
He has been noticeable on his return this year for this sort of thing and I don't like it one bit. As the injured list continues to grow, we are going to need his level of skill on the ice, not causing us to be on the PK.

Originally Posted by IrishInOntario View Post
- The defense core is work in progress. I like Hardie's two way game and I think he's solid. Murphy is much improved (especially physically) from last time I saw him play in person. Duke is "meh" but that's what I expected. I though Lussier played fairly well when he was asked to take a lot of the load after Weegar went down.

- Weegar really is the only truly offensive minded D-man they have (unless Jaques plays). He's the only guy that seems to want to shoot on the powerplay and he rushes the puck well end-to-end. If he's out for an extended period of time, Hardie is really going to have to step up carrying the puck.
Our D is pretty decent overall - even without Lewis. I like Lussier; Jacques is doing OK, he is also new so I am willing to give him a pass. As noted Duke is a sore point for me personally. I would not miss him if they sent him packing - way too many weak plays in our own end.

Originally Posted by IrishInOntario View Post
- Halifax lacks some important grit. Groulx knows that he has a big, ugly, team and missing Poirier really made them a greasy unit. Instead they intimidated Halifax for most of the night. Groulx knew that Halifax didn't have anyone to handle Sheppard and he put him on the ice all night to go after guys. He got Weegar out of the game, forced Moynihan to take a penalty and intimidated guys like Meier all night... Missing Trey Lewis really sucks when you need an intimidator that can go beat life out of someone. That's why I think Fournier was such a HUGE loss. He'd fight anyone in the Q and he went hard to the net and was tough to move. Halifax doesn't have that guy this year and that's really costing them right now.
That's unfortunate. I hate goon teams. Agreed on Fournier - I think I miss Fournier (dirty spots,tough guy) and Frk (point shot) more than MacKinnon this year.

So who/what is this Sheppard you speak of - he sounds like some kind of monster.

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