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10-31-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by oilersfan780 View Post
Forwards don't capitalize on their chances on even strength or power play. Eberle should have more than 3 goals with the money he is making. He's generating great chances, and he has points, but he needs to start scoring. Same thing with Hemsky, who has consistently been a let down with his injuries.
I really feel like our forwards are trying to be too fancy with the puck. Instead of taking shots, forwards that can score are trying to make fancy passes across the middle which always get intercepted. I don't think we shoot enough period. We pass way more than we shoot, especially on our power play. When is the last time that we scored first in a game? Honestly.The few wins were comebacks.

Lines need to be figured out. Yakupov could be really great for our team, but he needs to get the puck more and shoot more.

Defense has talent, but plays absolutely terrible positional hockey. They are completely out of position in our zone.They are also making amateur mistakes like passing the puck over the middle. Once again trying to be way to fancy with the passes and deking in our zone. All 4 of the goals against Toronto the other night were because of bad defense. It's easy to blame goaltending, but there is no reason whatsoever why there should be 40+ shots on goal a night. That's a defensive issue.

Discipline. We take too many penalties and with our defense it always costs us. Were out of position constantly.

Effort. It happens far too often where the forwards don't even backcheck. The biggest culprits are our supposed top forwards (RNH, Yakupov, Eberle). They just casually skate back after a turnover.

Finally, injuries lately have probably brought down team morale. It's brutal. Hall, Smyth, Dubnky, Perron the other day.

There are glimmers of hope in every game, where our team looks amazing (like an NHL playoff caliber team). The challenge is getting the team to be like that all game and do that every game.
I would disagree that RNH is a culprit of poor defensive play. There are times when he is outmatched in terms of size/strength but I don't have a problem with his effort.

I was at the Capitals game and although he didn't shine on the scoresheet Nuge was still making some smart stick checks and takeaways that made me think of a Pavel Datsyuk in the making. Clearly not there yet but I could see it happening (or at least a Datsyuk Lite)

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