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Originally Posted by wiz64 View Post
We have to change the whole culture of this team:

1. Fire Kevin Lowe - long overdue; the fish starts to rot at the head and he has not managed to instill a winning culture onto this team, no other enterprise would keep somebody as incompetent at this level for so long

2. Keep the following players and make the rest trade bait:
-RNH (too much talent, if we traded him it would bite us big time)
-J.Shultz (we should keep him for PP, but in a lesser role for EV)

I would hate to trade Eberle, but he simply is no superstar who will take the team on his back. Actually, I think he could bring us much needed return. Gagner, Smid, Petry, Hemsky and Yakupov all hold some value as well.

3. Mortgage part of our future: As it looks right now, our first round pick in 2014 could be a highly coveted asset. Everyone laughed about the Leafs when they gave away their first round picks for Kessel but in the long run they certainly got some value out of this trade (wouldn't say they won it clear cut).

I think we all have to get used to the idea that some of our beloved future superstars will have to leave the team to make it better in the long run. And better to start this process now, than waste another season (it will be difficult enough to salvage this season anyway).
YES YES YES. I would trade hall over yakupov based on last season and his potential ceiling but this year doesn't look so good.

Originally Posted by Copperhead View Post
I would disagree that RNH is a culprit of poor defensive play. There are times when he is outmatched in terms of size/strength but I don't have a problem with his effort.

I was at the Capitals game and although he didn't shine on the scoresheet Nuge was still making some smart stick checks and takeaways that made me think of a Pavel Datsyuk in the making. Clearly not there yet but I could see it happening (or at least a Datsyuk Lite)
I don't understand why RNH's defensive game gets ripped on. He was -1 in a 4-0 game.

Originally Posted by Sloth Slothersons View Post
Right...I'm sure if we were to swap rosters with the Blackhawks or the Bruins we'd be just as bad.
He got in to K.Lowe's medicine cabinet

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