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10-31-2013, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
What would be your estimation of the number of teams in this league over a year that are 100% healthy for more than 5-10 games in a row? If you are waiting for this team to be 100% healthy before placing expectations on them then they get a free ride forever.
Doesn't really change the fact that your claim that the team looks like crap when 100% healthy is demonstrably false.

(As an aside, I totally called the 'injuries' excuse for this year as the team finally used up most of the other ones.)
Yes it's just an excuse. Team should able to lose vast pieces of its top six and just roll on, right? Good grief.

Another issue with injuries is that fact that the team is the author of their own demise when it comes to injuries over the years.

Like Hall the year before they failed to shut down RNH when they should have.
You're a doctor now?

Like every year one of our skilled guys gets taken out by some goof because this team has never had serious push back in that regard
What would have kept Kassian from breaking Gagner's jaw or Gryba from kneeing Hall?

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