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Originally Posted by Iron Duke View Post
I just don't see anything coming out of this. Probably settled before trial, even assuming it is as bad as it sounds.

I'm finding the attitude of the discussion on the main board to be a bit disturbing about this, though. The questioning of the alleged victim's motives and every action taken thus far, which will only get worse (and be done publicly no doubt). That all just contributes to part of the reason why some women are so afraid to report these acts. Either way, the outcome of this will be depressing: he did do it (which is despicable), he did do it and goes unpunished, he didn't do it and this whole thing just lends credence to the "gold digger" accusations heaped on alleged victims. Makes me sad to be a human.
I went and looked at the attitudes there. I agree with you.

Yet look at the attitude and past actions of the coach of the Avs. It's disgusting. And it disgusts me that Trotz gave him a pass on his actions as a coach. ( after the glass pushing incident)

It does make it sad.

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