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FA Signings, Trade Rumors and Proposals Thread IX:

Last thread passed 1000. Continue here.

A few posts

Originally Posted by Matt19Oilers View Post
If it's for Couturier, Coburn and Simmonds (not Downie) then i bet we have to give up more than just Eberle and Klefbom. IMO we'd need to add the first and maybe more.

The only question I have is: why have with RNH, Gagner AND Couturier? Gagner has a NTC does he not? So Couturier at 3C? If we're trading for Couturier then you'd think it would in a 2C role.

I'd go for just Coburn and Simmonds. Partially because I don't know if there is room for Couturier here with Gagner around, and also because we don't really know what he will become as an offensive player.

Assuming Eberle, 1st, Smid (add Marincin if necessary) for Simmonds, Coburn


XXX-J. Schultz

is good with me, and MAYBE a trade with Buffalo for Ehrhoff could be made to fill in the other D-spot.
Bottom 6 wingers can be a combo of free agents, and some of the guys we already have.
Originally Posted by Trafalgar Law View Post
Ekblad reminds me of Shea Weber with a weaker shot. The guy is so ****ing strong on the puck, it's insane. Klefbom is a guy we have that goes into a battle along the boards and comes out with the puck every time, Ekblad is just like that except with better hockey IQ and better offensive skills. A top 4 featuring Nurse, Ekblad, and Klefbom would be one of the hardest defensive cores to play against and leave opposing teams crying in pain. It would also let us play Justin Schultz the way he's meant to be: babysat by a defensively sound player that can move the puck, against weaker competition, in an offensive role. Ekblad+Nurse can play against opposing top pairings and allow J Schultz to just do his thing, much like how Pietrangelo+Bouwmeester shelter Shattenkirk and OEL+Michalek shelter Yandle.

One player I think we should be all over is Dmitri Kulikov. He's rumored to be available and does it all. He's just stuck in a bad situation with a bad team. Could we perhaps scoop him up without giving up any of the big 4/our 1st?

He's easily one of the dumbest players in the NHL when it comes to making decisions.
Originally Posted by Moose Coleman View Post
That's a mammoth overpay, plain and simple. Just a total train wreck.
Originally Posted by duul View Post
If we tank this year, acquire Ekblad and trade for a defenceman like Tyutin and more grit, we will actually be set.

The chances of MacT trading Eberle are probably 0, but if he had balls he could greatly improve this club. Imagine going into next season with Ekblad, Tyutin, Dubinsky, Umberger instead of Eberle? Ughhhhhh.
Originally Posted by Conkanen View Post
Unreal how this board underrates their own.
Originally Posted by KlimasLoveChild View Post
So basically on par with what we have, only difference being he brings a tougher, grittier games. I call that an upgrade
Originally Posted by duul View Post
If we are trading Eberle, let's make it worthwhile. Coburn is a big body. He's not a good skater, he is an average passer and doesn't even take the body often.

Get someone worthwhile and some grit if we are trading an all star player.
Originally Posted by Matt19Oilers View Post
I think this board is more often guilty of OVERRATING our own players. If it's an overpay, then value on our side can be taken out, but at least it would ACTUALLY get a deal done, not some of the "Hemsky, Marincin and Smid for Couturier, Simmonds and Coburn" type of crap i've been reading.
Originally Posted by KlimasLoveChild View Post
We're trading Eberle.....damn....

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