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Originally Posted by Moose Coleman View Post
And how do you know you're actually "improving the mix"? Just because you've ticked off a box on a preconceived need? We've seen examples of players being brought in on that basis and failing (IMO Ference is one of those: all "grit" and "leadership" but depressingly lacking when it comes to performance on the ice). In my opinion, it's never a smart idea to trade productive young players/potential stars for complimentary players unless you have a gun to your head.
Well, I guess a lot of what this comes down to are my views on Eberle. When I watch Eberle play, I don't see the "superstar/core" player that a lot of people here do. Of course the skill-set is obvious, but I see a player that 1) doesn't consistently compete hard, and has become
increasingly prone to tunnel vision 2) gets too much credit for putting up points against weaker teams and doesn't take enough flack for not producing against tougher teams, 3) vanishes completely and has no answer whatsoever for opponents playing him tough defensively. A few successful toe-drags and nice goals here and there aren't enough to make me consider this guy a franchise player. His production is almost entirely based on if the guys he is playing with are "on". If he is asked to be the go-to guy on a line, unless he is playing against weaker competition, he will struggle. I honestly don't see him surpassing the 76 points he had 2 years ago, unless he is riding on the coat tails of Hall and RNH.

I don't dispute that he is a much more skilled player than Wayne Simmonds, but based on the group of forwards that we have, I think that the TYPE skillset Eberle has is too redundant and that Wayne Simmonds would be more valuable to this team, based on what he brings. More points doesn't equal more valuable.

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