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10-31-2013, 04:18 PM
Ville Isopää
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"As a method of preventing Salary Cap circumvention we are giving out One-way Contracts. A One-way Contract means that a player will be paid their full salary whether on the Pro or Farm roster. Any player making $2M or more (this number may be reviewed and changed at a future date) will be granted a One-way Contract automatically.

If a player with a One-way Contract is sent to the Farm he will no longer count against your Salary Cap total (regardless of his OV), however, he will be payed his full contract value.

Example: Jamie Langenbrunner has a contract that pays $4M. If sent to the Farm, Langenbrunner no longer counts against the Lightning Salary Cap, but will be paid his full $4M salary out of the Lightning Bank, not $400k (10%) as it used to be.

Regular waiver rules will still apply, the only change here is how much players are paid while being kept on your Farm roster. This is very important to keep in mind when offering contracts to UDFA, and FA's in general, as you can no longer hide from larger contracts handed out to players who will not contribute. Carrying One-way Contracts in the Farm will be a very risky move and could quickly lead to bankruptcy if not managed closely."

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