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10-31-2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by yukoner88 View Post
Here's a shot at a proposal

To Edmonton

Dan Girardi
Derek Brassard
NYR 2014 conditional pick (If Hemsky re-signs we get this years 2nd rd pick, if he does not we get their 3rd)
'14 3rd rd pick


Hemsky (retain 50% of this years salary)
Conditional draft pick (if Girardi re-signs they get our '15 1st rd pick, if he walks they get this years 3rd rd pick)

I know this would need some adjusting but Girardi I think is the guy to go after, he's a good all round defenseman, has a right hand shot, there isn't a ntc to and may not require as much to aquire. I'm no expert on valueing draft picks, so dont flame me on that. The kick would be getting Girardi to re-sign, but if he comes and makes it clear he's not willing to stay, he could be flipped at the trade deadline for someone else.
Originally Posted by yukoner88 View Post
any thoughts at all from anyone?? I threw this on the trades board to see what kind of reaction it gets

Girardi is a UFA - there's no reason to think that the would want to extend in Edmonton, if he wouldn't in NYR.

Hemsky is a UFA. Why would he want to sign in NYR?

Brassard is a young centre that NYR likes.

What is NYR looking for? They want a top six scorer, more physical presence and players who will grow and develop in NY.

You could just exclude Brassard, Marincin, etc. out of the trade and just make it
Hemsky plus Arcobello/pick for Girardi.

UFA for UFA, much like Islanders/Buffalo trade.

More than likely though, a team making a playoff run would make a better trade for Girardi because they won't be as concerned about losing Girardi to UFA.

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