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Originally Posted by Hall2Nuge2Ebs View Post
Well i don't even watch the games anymore. Maybe the odd Saturday night. I usually just check the box score on my phone after the game. So i still follow the team, i just don't waste countless hours watching them anymore and it actually feels really liberating because i get to do other things that actually contribute positively to my well-being. As for posting on here, i do it because i like to socialize with other fans and find out if they feel the same way as me about the team. It's also nice to see different opinions and healthy debate. So i guess you could say i'm at a semi breaking point as i don't watch most of the games and i don't buy any Oilers merchandise. Rant over.
This. I am not a fan who jumped on the wagon in 06, i was a fan since 94...which was a sad year. However, these past few years dont have the consistent effort and investment you could witness from the squads of the lean 90s. Those were the squads that could skate and punish anyone. Watch the flames this year and you get an idea.

Thankfully, I am also a Bs fan since i met cam neely, and recently met bergeron and chara and boychuk. They have been my secind team since lemieux officially ended his career with the pens.

Right now i am still a fan of the oilers but i find them uninteresting and lacking of entertanment, so i wont be watching them. They arent entertaining at all. Ive faklen asleep. Its pathetic.

Sorry for typos...getting used to a new tablet.

Also, i was never under illusions that we would make the playoffs this year. I think mact brougt in the right players when he could but this is half a squad. I know he wont be able to turn this team over into a nhl team for another year. This organization is in THAT BAD OF SHAPE. I tried to warn everyone who had been drunk on meaningless pre-season wins. This year will be very tough. I just didnt expect it to be this of the most boring teams to watch unless their opponents decide to throw their system out the window too.

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