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Originally Posted by Tommy35 View Post
In what way exactly?
Well, that's easy. Did Tamby make even one move (besides stepping up to the mile to select first overall) that helped the team? He brought in useless player after useless player and refused to address any needs that the team had (unless you think guys like Barker, Foster, Belle and Strudwick were useful players). The MPS for Perron trade alone is beyond anything Tamby accomplished (unless you thought Penner and Cole for junk were good trades). The question is serious ... please point out one good trade or signing made by Tamby .... the best I can come up with is Ryan Jones off waivers. Or maybe Staios for a second.
Just by making moves and trades for the sake of making them so he resume indicates he was successfully pro active?
So far I haven't seen MacT making any moves like that. If and when he does, I'll criticize them. OK?
There is a very good possibility the Oilers will draft in the top 3 once again, so whatever "more" MacT has accomplshed so far in comparison to Tamby's tenure, will be irrelevant, right,? considering the present suckage circumstances.
This is a team that very nearly set NHL records for terrible play over the last two seasons. Like all time worst teams ever ... in the history of the NHL. Did you think Tamby's joke roster could be overhauled in less than six months? It took five years to bring the team to this level. Its gonna take at least a season to dig our way out.

I'd be willing to make an avatar bet with you that the Oilers will not be a draft lotto team this year. Care to step up?

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