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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
Which the last part of this is irrelevant because it is not our job to evaluate talent and decide whether or not they are good for the team. You are basically saying that Glen Sather and Co. have the same mentality as posters here who construct convenient and biased narratives about players despite the evidence supporting the contrary. So, are Glen and his talent evaluators always wrong as well, or is it such that in some cases players just aren't a good fit in New York and find success elswhere? I'm sure getting traded from the team who drafted you with high expectations is also a big wake-up call and motivator to a player who wants to stick in the NHL and not be trade bait every season. Yes, they are probably wrong about talent at times and make poor trades and signings, but using a players post-Ranger success as proof the posters here are always wrong about players is skewed and not telling the whole story.
You are reading what I wrote in a way I didn't intend. I am not saying that Glen and co act like the fans when it comes to trades. In the Dubinsky example, I think that they had to give him up because he was a valuable piece that Columbus wanted. Given a choice in the matter, I think the team would have preferred to keep him. It was only on this board that people thought he was a throw in (or even more hilarious, there were some folks who thought he had negative value). I DO think that Sather USED to have the same mentality as the fans--but that was back in the late 90s and early aughts. Sather was perfectly willing to give up on youth too early in the name of patchwork solutions. The lockout and the salary cap were the best things to ever happen to this team--they forced him to reconsider that approach. Unfortunately, there are some fans (I'm guessing these are folks who weren't yet fans back in the dark ages) who think that we should go back to that way of running the team. It's dumb, and it's been proven to fail.

This has happened many a time, when people on these boards thought that a player had "plateaued" at a young age. The Marc Savard trade, the Tyutin trade, the Dubinsky trade, and the list goes on and on. Every now and again, a player leaves and proves the horde correct (Prucha, Dawes), but far more frequently, the young players we have given up on over the years end up doing pretty well for themselves.

As far as DZ versus McD, I think it is more than obvious why the guy who you yourself claims to be the Rangers #1 defensemen gets a longer leash than the #4. Also McD flubbing it up in the offensive zone is more palatable than DZ doing it since that's what Del Zotto is supposed to excell at. You are correct however in saying that at times, players in general not just DZ, are blamed for mistakes which started before the puck even reached them. This is not exclusive to whipping boys. People are just waiting for the next blunder because Michael has given fans no reason to suggest he will be more likely to succeed rather than fail so far this season.
My issue is that there is a group of people *****ing about blunders where they don't exist. Case in point--the Richards pass into his skates. Literally there was nothing he could do there, but rather than criticize Richards for the lousy pass, there were a half dozen posters complaining about Del Zotto. They do it so frequently and so incessantly that the younger kids on here that don't know any better (ie- the ones just learning the game or the ones who haven't been around long enough to have seen Del Zotto on the left side) believe it to be a fact.

You want proof that people are looking for phantom things to complain about? Look at the post game thread. Michael Del Zotto led all defensemen in total minutes and in even strength minutes--in a shutout game. He had the primary assist on the game-winning goal (for the second game in a row). In the first couple of pages of the PGT, there are already multiple people calling him out. Why? Who knows. The griping in the GDT was because he took a penalty--his first all season, btw.

There are people who have dedicated their HFBoards lives to preaching the "Del Zotto sucks" playbook (I suppose they need a new hobby now that Dubinsky is in Columbus and making them look like idiots for their crusade against him), and they are determined to see things that way even when all objective reality says otherwise.

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