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Originally Posted by BlowbyBlow View Post
This organization really to me has never had a vision minus Mact

STARTING with coaches:

Mact - excellent coach highly regarded; had the macblender (rewarded scrubs)

- overall new how to prepare for other teams and understand how to implement systems and apply them to play against other teams

Renny - good defensive minded coach, didnt know how to run a pp
Was probably to soft on players
Let the offensive players do there own thing

Kreuger- excellent Pk, pp, no idea how to play a team 5 on 5

Eakins - is clueless on all fronts no offence to fans of his hes an excellent motivator i think that was his strength disguised as a coach; before he got hired i thought great motivator.

For years and years i wanted a Laviolette or Quenville when they are/were available.

Thats the surface part. Here is the under the surface part. This team has to always have there own guys or guys highly regarded by other teams. Never doing there own research and building connections with outsiders

They just seem to be the type of guys who inherited a successful business opposed to someone who successfully started there own business.

What that means (ive seen first hand in my life)

A) you can tell that Lowe, buchy, ect are just those type of personas you either like them or hate them. That may have to do with the new school vs old school player. Players nowadays are privledged and pampered ; there doesnt ever seem to be a connection between player and management.Its my way or the highway (see Souray or any other player who spoke up)
On the other hand the new kids on the block get a free pass

Back in the doug weight days there was no entitlement and you had accountability.

This team will never get better till you get a coach thst can shape a team into the players he has (eakins must understand this isnt a development league; teach, motivate but dont reinvent the wheel)

All upper management is gone its time to completely get rid of Lowe, Howson, buchberger. Katz seems like a real ass - but obviously cant grt rid of him)

(Consider for a second what a real gentleman well respected guy like John davidson would do for an organization like this; bring his well knowledgable european scout thats for damn sure, but also create identity, vision, and his approach to building men)

B) the other thing is in successful business besides the connection (not disconnect) and transparency between all levels there is aldo different levrls of leader ship

Maybe your top tier is Ference, Gordon, Nick Schultz then Gagner, Hemsky, Perron, then on the bottom your hall, eberle, nuge

- how does that work have each level be responsible for eachother, and let the top guys on this ladder be there for motivation, teaching but also holding one another accountable. Until theres accountability and respect for another u never win.

It may be annecdotal or cliche to say the least but the best players will apologize and also hold themselves under high scrutiny. Thats competiveness and caring. Make a list of whos talented then right across see what level of care thry actually have.

It doesnt usually correspond

I find it hilarious that 99% of the people on this board wanted MacT gone because he was too "defensive", tried to turn out offensive guys into "defensive guys", rewarded scrubs blah blah blah. Now people here are complaining that our offensive guys are too one dimensional, can't play defense, want to trade guys like eberle, yak for grinders and checkers. I wonder how many posters would like MacT right now coaching defense and matching lines.

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