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Originally Posted by camrawrn View Post
Somehow made it to the Final Four in the National Cup for handball. Not sure how, I keep forgetting to set tactics... Also still #1 in I.1. Again, not sure how that happened. But I can't complain...

With my stadium about to be maxed out in both soccer and hockey, I finally get to start building my facilities up to 15. It'll be a full year or so until they're done, assuming I have the cash, but I'm looking forward to it so much... I just wanna train prospects at a competitive rate!
Go for the NC in handball. Perhaps you can get a double this year ( league and NC ). Perhaps a triple ( league , NC and Playoff's ). These opportunities come once in a bluemoon. The double from II.1 was great last year for me. You have a good bench to use as well in achieving at least a double. Your two wins away from part of that.

Prospects what are those?? I quickly look for 4star or more and then move on. 26 more days and my hockey team is officially 1 year old.
Dec 1st for football.

Funny how things become apart of your life. I have really enjoyed PPM the past year. I do not mind the pace of the game. I like how it takes time to build and I like that the games are set up so that if a RLI or vacation comes up it only affects one or two weeks and just a few games. I will most likely pass on the basketball as I am awaiting baseball. 3 sports is close to the limit of time I can spend on this.

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