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11-01-2013, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Tommy35 View Post
In what way exactly? Just by making moves and trades for the sake of making them so he resume indicates he was successfully pro active?
Uh he made trades to improve areas where weakness were identified. Centre depth was a problem as were faceoffs. He landed Gordon. Needed top sixers who could play with an edge: he went out and got Perron. veteran leadership? Ference (though I hate the contract and am not wild about the player).

None of these were "trades for the sake of trades" as you say. That's crazy talk.

Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
Look at the teams record for gods sakes. What has MacT accomplished? Nothing at all so far. Zero. This is perhaps the worst start in franchise history.

For all the love of MacT's moves there is a litte inconvenient thing called wins and losses that get in the way.
And the games are played on the ice, not in the GMs office. Is MacT to have known that both goalies would go into the tank at the same time out of the gate, that Gagner would break his jaw in the preseason, that Hall would get kneed and so on? Now, i know you think of those things as "excuses" for poor play, but otehrs are more apt to see them as "reasons." It's tough enough to learn a new system, work in a new coach, new players and all that without that additional stuff getting in the way. How any of that is the GM of a few month's fault is simply beyond me.

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