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Originally Posted by tescosamoa View Post
Go for the NC in handball. Perhaps you can get a double this year ( league and NC ). Perhaps a triple ( league , NC and Playoff's ). These opportunities come once in a bluemoon. The double from II.1 was great last year for me. You have a good bench to use as well in achieving at least a double. Your two wins away from part of that.

Prospects what are those?? I quickly look for 4star or more and then move on. 26 more days and my hockey team is officially 1 year old.
Dec 1st for football.

Funny how things become apart of your life. I have really enjoyed PPM the past year. I do not mind the pace of the game. I like how it takes time to build and I like that the games are set up so that if a RLI or vacation comes up it only affects one or two weeks and just a few games. I will most likely pass on the basketball as I am awaiting baseball. 3 sports is close to the limit of time I can spend on this.
I think I'll go for it. The NC is definitely winnable, but I worry about the league/playoffs. Teams will start to burn more energy in the regular season to make it into the playoffs, and that'll give me a few losses. Then the playoffs are just a free for all at this point, so who knows what will happen there.

The thing I love about PPM is you can spend five minutes a day, or five hours a day on it, and still get by just fine. I've been super busy this semester, but I still finished 1st in the hockey season, going for 1st in handball, and just recently finished 3rd in soccer, despite only logging on long enough to change tactics most days. It's great.

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