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11-01-2013, 09:33 AM
with the 10th pick..
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really nuthin new here.

dude simply cannot skate. hes more sloth than hockey player. he may have the slowest first few steps on this team and thats sayin something cause we have some slugs out there. he always looks lost defensively. and if i see his classic half hearted "turn body and throw ass check against the guy with the puck along the boards" thing anymore im gonna lose it. mike doesnt hit to hurt, he hits and it hurts ME to watch it. sad.

all the talk about dmen taking longer and hes only 23 stuff needs to stop.

hes undersized. hes slow as mud. and not just slow, he lacks twitchy quickness. he just does stuff at such a lethargic pace, it makes him look slower. hes got a shot that scares no one. he handles the puck like hes blind. a guy whos supposedly such an offensive force needs to skate better and shoot it alot better.

he just doesnt do enough good stuff with the minutes he gets. hes awful as a defender and to me, he just looks like he lacks the skill required to be an offensive guy. with such slow feet, he cannot do much with the puck beyond turnovers and looking like a doofus.

hes rapidly morphing into rozy at his worst.

again, nuthin new here.

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