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11-01-2013, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Championship View Post
You can't leave this out though. These were two games where, even if they were unbeaten on the season, would have been MUST wins anyway. I'm not going to kiss their ass for doing something they're supposed to do. Full credit for actually winning, for a dominating performance last night and a comeback win on the Island, but these were games that were must wins from day 1. Let's not get ahead of ourselves is exactly what we should be saying. This team was trash, and two wins against a mediocre and the worst team in the league respectively prove nothing.
No one needs to kiss anyone's ass. The team is playing better. They've had plenty of games over the years where they lost to terrible teams, even in 11-12. I believe Montreal was terrible that year and we got murdered twice in Montreal. It doesn't necessarily prove anything, but it's encouraging to see. Can't give the team credit when they win but **** on them when they lose, seems like someone that just is looking for an excuse to trash the team.

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