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Originally Posted by ChipAyten View Post
Playoffs are not a proper means by which to determine a league champion. The Supporter's Shield winner is the MLS champion. But America loves its artificial tournaments.
We are going to have this fight every year without fail.

North America is too big to have 3 good teams that fight for the title every year, have all the fans and the money. No one in Toronto wants to be a fan of Indianapolis because they have all the money and talent. It's too far away.

So we have salary caps, and playoffs, to try to make things more competitive.

Now, if you want, you can consider RBNY league champions, and consider MLS cup like an end-of-season league cup competition where only half the league qualifies. Doesn't matter to me. But Supporter's Shield still means a lot more in soccer than the President's trophy does in hockey, because it qualifies the winner for CONCACAF champions league.

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