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Originally Posted by Julius Caesar Milan View Post

Other than burgers, what other kinds of food do you like?
The Counter is fantastic. I wasn't that big on it the first few times I went there. Then I discovered the Turkey Burger and that is when we fell in love. I don't eat beef so I have no comment on their actual burgers but their customizing options are awesome. Turkey Burger, Cheddar Cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, fresh halapenos and buffalo wing sauce on a wheat bun is rad.

To jml87: Definitely get mexican food when you are in LA. There are so many good mexican places and a lot of them have different styles to try and there are amazing divey fast food stands to nice sit down restaurants. If you let us know where you are staying, I'm sure somebody can give you a suggestion of a good local spot. I'd also recommend getting a breakfast burrito a time or two while you are here. I turned a friend on to them on his last visit from upstate New York and he couldn't stop eating them. I'm sure they may sell them where you are from but So Cal has the best breakfast burritos in the country. The thing that makes a good breakfast burrito to me is the hot sauce / salsa they use. Otherwise it is just breakfast in a tortilla. Nick's in Seal Beach is a great spot to get one down in my area but I'm sure if you look it up on yelp, you can find a good spot in whatever area you are staying.

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