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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
I dunno, Belfour was pretty formidable in mid-90s Chicago. In the 95 WCF he kept them in the series against Detroit much longer than they should've. I don't know his stats, but my eyeball test says he won the Hawks a lot more games than lost them.
The overtime goal from Konstantinov is an example of things we could see from Belfour back then. Just an ugly sight. 1993 again he lets in a goal that was his fault that ends a series, this time against an inferior team. This is the 1993 goal:

This is the Konstantinov goal in 1995, in fact all three overtime winners in that series. Belfour looks weak on all of them.

The thing with Belfour is that he was a very good goalie even at that time, but you could throw him off his game very easily. He could get rattled. He left the net a lot to play the puck and it cost him quite often. As we see with the St. Louis game in 1993. As a Leaf fan who saw a lot of Chicago in those days I can remember hoping the Leafs would dump it in and Belfour would cough it up while he plays it.

1991 is another year where Belfour played poorly in the postseason.

Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
but belfour is also an interesting case here because if he never has '99 and '00, where he outdueled roy in consecutive years, he probably isn't a hall of famer. he's probably somewhere in the ballpark of liut or vachon or beezer or luongo or cujo, probably a little ahead of all those guys because he has multiple vezinas and better counting stats, but below the cut off for the HHOF. seems like the cup and/or winning head-to-head match ups against the best of his peers criteria will also come down on lundqvist's career.
I don't know, I think a Cupless Belfour is still in the HHOF. Joseph never won the Cups either, but his Vezina record is inferior to Belfour. Plus we would at least have Belfour backstopping the Hawks to the 1992 Cup final. I think without the years in Dallas he's still a HHOFer and gets in on the strength of being an Esposito/Giacomin type. He'd be a two-time Vezina winner, and the only one that may or may not get in with that on their resume is Tim Thomas.

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