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11-01-2013, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Gord View Post
what's wrong with the Oilers?
Eakins was quoted in today's paper saying two things things that help sum it up.

"I assumed we knew what traditional defense zone coverage was. It was clear that we didn't."

"I see our team is excited to score goals. boy they like to score. But we need a group that is equally excited to stop goals. I'm not sure our group is wired like that"

so it seems a lot of the problem has been the coaching in the last 4 years and the players not bothering or not being forced to learn how to play a complete game.
clearly a kick in the nuts to previous head coaches as well as Steve Smith - cant see how that goes over well even if its true.

newsflash*** Hey Dallas, you are now the head coach and have been for 14 games. its time to stop blaming others -its squarely now on you. i also noticed you didnt comment on how your special teams went from top ten into the gutter under your watch - who do you blame for that? oh, right probably Acton, whom you hand picked, and who is notorious for having crap special teams wherever he has been.

you have a lot of growing up to do Dallas. This isnt a dumb fan base. people here are smart and know this team and the market. your eloquent press conferences will only go so far with this crowd, and they are wearing thin on many of us. you just delivered us our second worst start in franchise history - that speak volumes.

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