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11-01-2013, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Berserker View Post
Wrong. I am basing this off what Denis Potvin said during our last game against San Jose.
Lol, there is your problem. I provided a link to the actual stats. Learn yourself.

Wrong again. If you actually ****ing read my post you would see that I said if all things are equal size wins. Therefore you don't need any small players on your team as long as all of your big players are fast and skilled enough.

The only reason why you may want to have some small players in the lineup is usually you are required to sacrifice a bit of size and skill when you sign or draft bigger players. But even then Denis Potivin also said that in his opinion the NHL is becoming a big mans game and that in the future teams will start filling out their rosters with bigger players. This actually makes a lot of sense considering the fact that bigger players at the junior level are now forced to become better and faster skaters, as well as more skilled in order to get drafted.
Hey, I agree. The most optimal thing is to have big, strong, fast, skilled players. That's the idealistic view. But there's also nothing wrong a couple of the small guys. They can bring a different angle on things. What I have issue is with just replacing the small guys with just big guys without any thought on the actual extra variables. If you read what I wrote, it's about balance. Just like in life.

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