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11-01-2013, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Wait, what goods was Diaz "supposed to" bring that he hasn't? All he has been (and continues to be) is a 20 min/night, 0.5 PPG, positive +/- puck moving defenseman, who has blocked more shots on a per game average than any other defenseman wearing the CH (by a fair margin too, I believe). Obviously completely redundant because he's not also physically imposing, and no possible market for this guy...

He breaks up plenty of plays "despite" his size because of his positioning and stick/eye-hand coordination, and does a better job moving the puck safely than just about everyone on the current D squad. Giveaways (as "official" as they are) so far: Markov 18, Subban 9, Bouillon 8, Beaulieu 4 (in 5 games), Diaz 3. It should also be pointed out how important he and Gorges have actually been to ES scoring so far this season, providing 8 points at ES so far, while Subban+Markov, amazingly, have only provided 7 at ES.

But yeah, legit secondary scoring from another puck moving defenseman is something we should be planning to get rid of as soon as possible. Two on the right side is too many.
I have no hate for him, but he is what he is, a place holder, and a GM deluding himself into thinking Diaz is a building block is a sure recipe for mediocrity.

He is supposed to be a secondary offensive threat. He is not. The second wave of the PP is just not a threat from the back end.

I think you are exaggerating how many plays he breaks up, and how he re-launches the attack. You will say the exact opposite of that. It's ok that we do not agree.

I think he did a decent job filling in on a very thin pro blueline, but it is time to look down the road. If there are better options, even ones that are projects, I say they should be priorities ahead of Diaz.

I will refrain from being as sarcastic about your opinion, even if you came out swinging. I just do not see him being effective when the pressure ramps up, and his offense does not have up for it.

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