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11-01-2013, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by alphafox View Post
The intensity of the run itself and the win or go home nature of every game was exciting, however the actual hockey itself has never been the "exciting" brand of offensive hockey seen in Pit or Chi, which is what I was referring to.

I agree that last years finish was a boon to hockey in Columbus, however we've already seen this year that it hasn't transformed the fan base (see recetn attendance numbers). In fact I believe that without a star the caliber of Crosby, Kane, Ovi hockey in Ohio is always going to take a back seat to Ohio State.

I'm not going to argue the benefits or negatives of "tanking" as that particular topic has been more than a bit divisive on this forum over the course of the last few years with many well reasoned arguments on both sides.(That being said I would sell every single player on this team and play a season with an AHL roster for McDavid)
That is absurd. Why is the only way to the promised land always chasing the high end "star"? EDM doesn't seem do be doing so well with that approach. I think the Detroit and Boston templates are much more possible as well as sustainable. Solid if not spectacular roster, solid if not spectacular drafting, hard working, constantly improving incrementally across the board instead of rolling the dice on a single OMG savior. No single player, not Gretzky, not Crosby, not Orr, not Hull, can carry a team. Because of the single undeniable fact, it is a team game. I think the Blue Jackets are heading in the right direction. The path to the top is one of many steps not a single leap.

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